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Guidelines for CryptoNinja

[CryptoNinja Fan Art Guidelines ver0.5]

CryptoNinja is a character brand for creators.

We welcome the use of our creators!

We hope you will use the following guidelines for your creations.

You can of course buy and sell CryptoNinja fan art NFT on OpenSea and elsewhere!

We also welcome commercial use other than NFT.

You can create and sell manga, novels, real goods, etc. without permission as long as they are within our guidelines. In doing so, please observe the following prohibitions.

* Contents that damage the image of CryptoNinja.
* Content that infringes or may infringe upon the rights of others
* Content that misleads the public into believing that it is official CryptoNinja content.
* Reuse (including tracing) of derivative works without the permission of the creator of the derivative work or work used for derivative purposes
* Any other actions that are deemed to be extremely inappropriate from a socially accepted standpoint, such as excessive sexual or bizarre expressions, or content that slanders specific individuals, groups, or races, etc.

If you have any questions regarding production or sales, please do not hesitate to contact @ikehaya🍺 | Founder

[Selling items on Decentraland is by permission only.]
We are not allowed to sell similar items to Decentraland items, so we require permission. Please contact us in advance if you would like to sell items.

[If your annual revenue exceeds $150K]
Businesses using CryptoNinja may freely develop without license up to "annual sales of $150K or less".

Businesses with annual sales exceeding 20 million yen are, in principle, required to obtain a license.

Please feel free to consult with us when your business grows in size or at the planning stage.

(Last modified March 20, 2023) ​

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