CryptoNinja is a character that everyone can participate in and develop, not just buy. The NFT Collection is just the beginning.

Fanworks Inc, a primary creative agency in Japan, has decided to produce an animation PV. In addition, HashGames Inc, a Blockchain Game Studio, is developing a P2E (Play to Earn) game.  As a character that symbolizes the Web3 era, our NFT Collection expands its field of activity.

Characters you can participate in


CryptoNinja NFT launched in September 2021. Many collectors and creators in Japan and abroad have recognized its appeal, and more than 63,000 people worldwide have joined the official Ninja DAO community.

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CryptoNinja welcomes monetization through fan art.  Creative activities such as NFT sales of illustrations and avatars, manga, voxel art, and music production by creators thrive.

4 reasons why CryptoNinja is loved

1. Attractive characterization

Characters with unique personalities

CryptoNinja characters have names, personalities, weapons and ninjutsu they handle, and clans (villages). The characterization of everyone adds to the value of the NFT collection.

2. Creator-friendly guidelines

Flexible guidelines

As long as it does not detract from the worldview, no licensing fees are required for fan arts NFT, merchandising, animation, or game adaptations. The appeal of CryptoNinja is that anyone can use the characters.

3. Stories created by fans

Margin for creation

How the characters speak and act is left to the imagination of the fans. This margin for creativity has also attracted many creators.

4. Powerful community

DAO by creators

More than 63,000 people participate in the official NinjaDAO community. Various projects are underway, and the community can attract visitors to Metaverse events.

CryptNinja Partners


Bringing authentic Japanese art to the world

CryptoNinja is an NFT collection from Japan.
Ninja DAO is its official community.

Join us!



NinjaDAO brings together illustrators, comic artists, voxel artists, designers, animators, YouTubers, musicians, and other creators. They work on NFT to crypto, Metaverse, entertainment, gaming, and education projects.

Creators take the lead

CryptoNinja Partners


CryptoNinja Partners (CNP) is a 22,222-piece collection starring CryptoNinja sub-characters.

Total trading volume for the first month exceeded 1,000 ETH. A new character and new utility will be released soon.

Crypto Literacy Exam


It is a free test that can take online.

There are two versions available, one for beginners and one for intermediate level, both in English and Japanese.

Successful candidates will receive an NFT to give them access to the exclusive channel "crypto-univ."

Metaverse Music World

We want to create a place where music creators can enjoy and reward themselves for their work. 
That is why we run music gigs on the Metaverse.

The "4th NINJA Metaverse Live" in January 2022 attracted about 2000 people.

Cluster Division

It is a project to enjoy the metaverse platform "Cluster."​

We are creating a school building for Ninja Terakoya and designing a world for events in Ninja DAO.

Ninja Terakoya

The school opens on April 3, 2022. It is a school of a Metaverse where children can learn "what they like" and "what they want to learn."

We plan to hold classes and events tailored to what the children want to learn.

Ninja picture book

It is a picture book project by CryptoNinja's official novel writer and official comic artist.

Part of the book is available as a free coloring book.

In addition, an animated video showing a reading by a professional narrator is also available.

Card game


It is a card game project that "plays hard." 
We decided on the name of the game by voting in Ninja DAO.

We are planning and developing the game to become a "play to earn" (P2E) game in the future.

(in preparation)


YouTube Channel

It is a YouTube channel where popular CryptoNinja characters explain crypto and Defi.

The easy-to-understand animated videos provide helpful information for beginners and those already managing assets.


It is a project to make an "MMD(Miku Miku Dance/freeware animation program)movie" in which CryptoNinja characters sing and dance. 

Please check out our Youtube channel, "CryptoNinja MMD Club."