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Bringing authentic Japanese art to the world


CryptoNinja -Sakuya-

CryptoNinja's Animation Project

CryptoNinja will be an animated TV series from October 2023!

Fanworks, a company that has produced many high-profile character-based animated films, will be in charge of the animation production. The production funds were raised through crowdfunding by "Passport NFT & Shuriken NFT."


A generative NFT is also scheduled to be released to commemorate this anime. For more information, please visit the channel in NinjaDAO (exclusively for Passport & Shuriken NFT holders).

CryptoNinja Nouns(CNN)

Project to create a community wallet for NinjaDAO 

One dot NFT is automatically generated per day and sold in a 24-hour* auction format. All proceeds go into the treasury (NinjaDAO's wallet), and the next NFT generation and auction will automatically begin.

Holders of one or more CryptoNinja Nouns NFTs can propose and vote on how to spend the money in the treasury. If the proposal is approved, the funds will be automatically transferred, and anyone can view the flow of funds on the blockchain.

*Auctions are held for 24 hours on the first day. A feature has been implemented to extend the auction time by one minute per day so that after four years, the time will be approximately 48 hours, and after eight years, it will be about 96 hours. The system is designed to increase scarcity as the number of NFTs issued gradually decreases.

CryptoNinja Partners(CNP)

CryptoNinja fan art project

CNP started by issuing 22,222 generative NFTs. They are working on business development beyond the boundaries of NFTs, including a smartphone app, smartphone game, and collaboration projects with Softbank Group and some regional governments in Japan.

For the latest information, please check CNP's official Twitter account.

CryptoNinja Manga

CryptoNinja Manga Project

This project is a manga adaptation of an original story written by an official NinjaDAO author. This work also features original characters.

They will post the project's status on NinjaDAO's channel. Please stay tuned for further updates.


Creating IP for the Web3 Era

NinjaDAO is the official community for CryptoNinja, a character that anyone can freely use for commercial purposes.

Creators can use characters in various ways, including NFT, manga, games, anime, merchandise, music, and stage performances.


CryptoNinja Co-Founder / NinjaDAO Founder

Co-founder of CryptoNinja and founder of the community NinjaDAO.
A business influencer with 450,000 total followers on social networking sites.


CryptoNinja Co-Founder / Designer

Character designer and co-founder of CryptoNinja. 
He is also an artist of his NFT brand, TheMafiaAnimals.




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