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001  Jin

Name: Jin

Clan: Iga

Ninjutsu: Katon

Weapon: Shuriken
Birthday: September 20th

Setting: The master ninja. He is legendary and mysterious, thought to have lost his life in the battle against Fuma.

002  Sakuya

Name: Sakuya

Clan: Koka

Ninjutsu: Kuchiyose

Weapon: Shuriken

Birthday: March 27

​ Setting: Ganzi's granddaughter.

She is a serene Ninja

who loves to cook in her spare time.

003  Kohaku

Name: Kohaku

Clan: Fuma

Ninjutsu: Transformation Kawarimi

Weapon: Katana

​ Birthday: March 27

Setting: She is a mysterious Ninja; she is Sakuya’s long-lost twin sister.

004  Shiba

Name: Shiba

Clan: Saika

Ninjutsu: Suiton

Weapon: Karate 

​ Birthday: November 1st

Setting: Using the art of humanization, he turns into Shinobi during battles.

005  Kana-Oni

Name: Kinki Kana-Oni

Clan: Iga Iga

Ninjutsu: Kinton

Weapon: Chef's knife Gyuto

​ Birthday: November 8th

Setting: He is a legendary blacksmith hiding deep in the mountain.

006  Oto

Name: Oto

Clan: Koka 

Ninjutsu: Kuchiyose

Weapon: Scroll 

​ Birthday: March 3rd

Setting: Uka's rival

Summon a rabbit
She is a chatterbox.

007  Rotten

Name: Rotten

Clan: Fuma 

Ninjutsu: Poison Mist

Weapon: Poison Arrow

​ Birthday: October 10th

Settings: He is a faithful servant to Atoza. Willing to give up his life for the Fuma clan.

008  Nagisa

Name: Nagisa

Clan: Saika

Ninjutsu: Shadow Alternate Kagebunshin

Weapon: Scroll 

​ Birthday: July 20th

Setting: She is a shy shinobi who likes to look after her clan.

009  Anne

Name: Anne 

Clan: Iga

Ninjutsu: Shadow stitching Kagenui

Weapon: Dumpling Dango

​ Birthday: March 16th

Setting: She has a massive appetite and

is always eating skewered dumplings.

010  Dan

Name: Dan

Clan: Fuma

Ninjutsu: Flash Laser

Weapon: Laser Sword

​ Birthday: June 10th

Settings: He is a powerful member of the Fuma clan and a faithful servant to Atoza.

011  Hinanojoh

Name: Hinanojoh

Clan: Saika

Ninjutsu: Katon

Weapon: Horoku bomb

​ Birthday: February 8th

Setting: He is a brave bombing expert but reverts to chick form when he loses concentration.

012  Torika

Name: Torika

Clan: Iga

Ninjutsu: Poison Shuriken

Weapon: Shuriken

​ Birthday: August 9th

Setting: She is a nature-loving Shinobi, who connects with wild plants.

013  Atoza

Name: Atoza

Clan: Fuma

Ninjutsu: Omagatoki Time for Disasters

Weapon: Club

​Birthday: November 2nd

Setting: He is the head of the Fuma clan with a heart of gold.

014  Hayate

Name: Hayate

Clan: Iga

Ninjutsu: Hawk Eye

Weapon: Hawk Falcon

​ Birthday: January 25th

Setting: He has the eyes of a hawk that detect other clans’ movement. Narukami is his faithful partner.

015  Uka

Name: Uka

Clan: Koka

Ninjutsu: Flame of Nine-Taled Fox

Weapon: Amulet Charm

​Birthday: February 11th

Setting: She summons foxes. Her main rival is Oto.

016  Ganzi

Name: Ganzi

Clan: Koka

Ninjutsu: Illusion of Darkness

Weapon: Japamala

​Birthday: September 15th

Setting: He is an advisory Shinobi. His family belongs to a different clan due to a past incident.

017  Yui

Name: Yui 

Clan: Iga 

Ninjutsu: Flurry of Cherry Blossoms

Weapon: Scroll

​Birthday: October 15th

Setting: She is a reliable Shinobi.  Her Ninjutsu reaches far and wide.

018  Fuuta

Name: Fuuta

Clan: Saika 

Ninjutsu: Fuuton

Weapon: Masamune Sword

​Birthday: October 1st

Setting: He is a cheeky and peace-loving Shinobi who likes to drink Sake.

019  Rei

Name: Rei

Clan: Iga

Ninjutsu: Human sacrifice-Sacrifice

Weapon: Aikuchi-Daggar

​Birthday: April 22

Setting: She is the protector of Iga village and Yui’s mother.

020  Sattva

Name: Sattva

Clan: Heavenly Realm

Ninjutsu: Nirvana

Weapon: Halo of Light

​Birthday: unknown

021  Nekomata

Name: Nekomata

Clan: Saika

Ninjutsu: Kagebunshin

Weapon: Bewitched Muramasa Sword

​Birthday: August 8th

Setting: He loves fish!

022  Janome

Name: Janome (& Orochi)

Clan: Fuma

Ninjutsu: Kuchiyose

Weapon: Poison Shuriken

​Birthday: July 16th

Setting: She has a faithful partner called Orochi, who is there for her whenever she is in trouble.

023  Benten

Name: Benten

Clan: Saika

Ninjutsu: Mantra

Weapon: Shamisen

​Birthday: March 4th

Setting: She is a Shamisen playing Shinobi. Her special art of illusion occurs only when she sings.

024  Karma

Name: Karma

Clan: Fuma

Ninjutsu: Realm of Sin

Weapon: Chain Sickle

​Birthday: January 3rd

Setting: His fascinating red eyes release people’s deeply hidden desires.

025  Ichiya

Name: Ichiya

Clan: Saika

Ninjutsu: Cryptogram of Ninja

Weapon: Writing Brush

​Birthday: November 2nd

Setting: He conveys special messages to the world with rainbow-colored calligraphy. 

026  NEMU

Name: NEMU

Clan: Koka

Ninjutsu: Colorful Realm of Living Beings

Weapon: Painting Brush

​ Birthday: February 3rd

Setting: She is a free-spirited Shinobi and the big sister of Ichiya. She paints while traveling around Koga village. Her trusted parters’ names are Piyochi & Usabi.

027  Karura

Name: Karura

Clan: Iga

Ninjutsu: Raiton

Weapon: Wings

​Birthday: September 6th

Setting: Living deep in the Iga’s mountain, she quietly protects her clan.

028  Xiaolan

Name: Xiaolan (& Lee Lee)

Clan: Koka

Ninjutsu: Kuchiyose

Weapon: Tai Chi

​Birthday: October 28th

Setting: Her specialty is to summon panda bears. Her faithful partner is called LeeLee who can turn into a giant panda.

029  Aum

Name: Aum

Clan: Fuma

Ninjutsu: A Titan's Blow

Weapon: Club

​Birthday: May 9th

Setting: He is a cheeky Shinobi and the baby brother of Atoza. He turns into a titan when he is angry.

030  Konga

Name: Konga

Clan: Koka

Ninjutsu: Kagebunshin

Weapon: Bare Knuckle

​Birthday: September 24th

Setting: He is the trainer for Iga’s Kunoichi, the female Ninjas.

031  Shion

Name: Shion

Clan: Iga

Ninjutsu: Wild Thistle

Weapon: Iron Claw


Setting: She is a lonely Shinobi because she lost her parents to a devil’s attack. Anne is the only Shinobi whom she trusts.

032  Seori




Weapon:Wooden Mallet


Setting:Seori is named after Seoritsuhime. The partner's name is "Mitama".

033  Quon



Ninjutsu:A Cat's Eye Choice

Birthday:October 8

Setting:He is able to choose the path to a blissful future. His age is unknown. He is from the same village as Nekomata, and it is known that he is older than Nekomata. He is elusive and unpredictable. He refers to himself as "washi." 




Ninjutsu:One-shot Sure-hit

Birthday:May 1

Setting:He is the leader of the Saika Clan. Returning to the Saika village is rare for him, and he entrusts the village's affairs to Benten. Currently, it seems he is out at sea, operating like a pirate.

035  Ibuki

Name:Ibuki (& Yama)


Ninjutsu:Ritual of Taizan Fukun

Wapon:Talisman Paper​
Birthday:December 31 

Setting:Yama takes on a form that corresponds to Ibuki's abilities. Since ibuki is immature, he manifests as a cute form.

036  Oen



Ninjutsu:Ito Myaku

Weapon:Japanese Portable Strage
Birthday:April 2

Setting:Her family is from the Saika clan. She has left her clan to come to the Koka Clan to train in ninjutsu.

037  Izuna



Ninjutsu:Witchcraft of Izuna


Setting:Uka's older sister

038  Sekishusai



Ninjutsu:Witchcraft of Izuna


Setting:Uka's older sister


These are basic settings, including each character's name, clan, Ninjutsu, weapon, birthday, and personality. Please check the guidelines for fan art and commercial use.

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