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001  Jin

Name: Jin

Clan: Iga

Ninjutsu: Katon

Weapon: Shuriken
Birthday: September 20th

Setting: The master ninja. He is legendary and mysterious, thought to have lost his life in the battle against Fuma.

002  Sakuya

Name: Sakuya

Clan: Koka

Ninjutsu: Kuchiyose

Weapon: Shuriken

Birthday: March 27

​ Setting: Ganzi's granddaughter.

She is a serene Ninja

who loves to cook in her spare time.

003  Kohaku

Name: Kohaku

Clan: Fuma

Ninjutsu: Transformation Kawarimi

Weapon: Katana

​ Birthday: March 27

Setting: She is a mysterious Ninja; she is Sakuya’s long-lost twin sister.

004  Shiba

Name: Shiba

Clan: Saika

Ninjutsu: Suiton

Weapon: Karate 

​ Birthday: November 1st

Setting: Using the art of humanization, he turns into Shinobi during battles.

005  Kana-Oni

Name: Kinki Kana-Oni

Clan: Iga Iga

Ninjutsu: Kinton

Weapon: Chef's knife Gyuto

​ Birthday: November 8th

Setting: He is a legendary blacksmith hiding deep in the mountain.

006  Oto

Name: Oto

Clan: Koka 

Ninjutsu: Kuchiyose

Weapon: Scroll 

​ Birthday: March 3rd

Setting: Uka's rival

Summon a rabbit
She is a chatterbox.

007  Rotten

Name: Rotten

Clan: Fuma 

Ninjutsu: Poison Mist

Weapon: Poison Arrow

​ Birthday: October 10th

Settings: He is a faithful servant to Atoza. Willing to give up his life for the Fuma clan.

008  Nagisa

Name: Nagisa

Clan: Saika

Ninjutsu: Shadow Alternate Kagebunshin

Weapon: Scroll 

​ Birthday: July 20th

Setting: She is a shy shinobi who likes to look after her clan.

009  Anne

Name: Anne 

Clan: Iga

Ninjutsu: Shadow stitching Kagenui

Weapon: Dumpling Dango

​ Birthday: March 16th

Setting: She has a massive appetite and

is always eating skewered dumplings.

010  Dan

Name: Dan

Clan: Fuma

Ninjutsu: Flash Laser

Weapon: Laser Sword

​ Birthday: June 10th

Settings: He is a powerful member of the Fuma clan and a faithful servant to Atoza.

011  Hinanojoh

Name: Hinanojoh

Clan: Saika

Ninjutsu: Katon

Weapon: Horoku bomb

​ Birthday: February 8th

Setting: He is a brave bombing expert but reverts to chick form when he loses concentration.

012  Torika

Name: Torika

Clan: Iga

Ninjutsu: Poison Shuriken

Weapon: Shuriken

​ Birthday: August 9th

Setting: She is a nature-loving Shinobi, who connects with wild plants.

013  Atoza

Name: Atoza

Clan: Fuma

Ninjutsu: Omagatoki Time for Disasters

Weapon: Club

​Birthday: November 2nd

Setting: He is the head of the Fuma clan with a heart of gold.

014  Hayate

Name: Hayate

Clan: Iga

Ninjutsu: Hawk Eye

Weapon: Hawk Falcon

​ Birthday: January 25th

Setting: He has the eyes of a hawk that detect other clans’ movement. Narukami is his faithful partner.

015  Uka

Name: Uka

Clan: Koka

Ninjutsu: Flame of Nine-Taled Fox

Weapon: Amulet Charm

​Birthday: February 11th

Setting: She summons foxes. Her main rival is Oto.

016  Ganzi

Name: Ganzi

Clan: Koka

Ninjutsu: Illusion of Darkness

Weapon: Japamala

​Birthday: September 15th

Setting: He is an advisory Shinobi. His family belongs to a different clan due to a past incident.

017  Yui

Name: Yui 

Clan: Iga 

Ninjutsu: Flurry of Cherry Blossoms

Weapon: Scroll

​Birthday: October 15th

Setting: She is a reliable Shinobi.  Her Ninjutsu reaches far and wide.

018  Fuuta

Name: Fuuta

Clan: Saika 

Ninjutsu: Fuuton

Weapon: Masamune Sword

​Birthday: October 1st

Setting: He is a cheeky and peace-loving Shinobi who likes to drink Sake.

019  Rei

Name: Rei

Clan: Iga

Ninjutsu: Human sacrifice-Sacrifice

Weapon: Aikuchi-Daggar

​Birthday: April 22

Setting: She is the protector of Iga village and Yui’s mother.

020  Sattva

Name: Sattva

Clan: Heavenly Realm

Ninjutsu: Nirvana

Weapon: Halo of Light

​Birthday: unknown

021  Nekomata

Name: Nekomata

Clan: Saika

Ninjutsu: Kagebunshin

Weapon: Bewitched Muramasa Sword

​Birthday: August 8th

Setting: He loves fish!

022  Janome

Name: Janome (& Orochi)

Clan: Fuma

Ninjutsu: Kuchiyose

Weapon: Poison Shuriken

​Birthday: July 16th

Setting: She has a faithful partner called Orochi, who is there for her whenever she is in trouble.

023  Benten

Name: Benten

Clan: Saika

Ninjutsu: Mantra

Weapon: Shamisen

​Birthday: March 4th

Setting: She is a Shamisen playing Shinobi. Her special art of illusion occurs only when she sings.

024  Karma

Name: Karma

Clan: Fuma

Ninjutsu: Realm of Sin

Weapon: Chain Sickle

​Birthday: January 3rd

Setting: His fascinating red eyes release people’s deeply hidden desires.

025  Ichiya

Name: Ichiya

Clan: Saika

Ninjutsu: Cryptogram of Ninja

Weapon: Writing Brush

​Birthday: November 2nd

Setting: He conveys special messages to the world with rainbow-colored calligraphy. 

026  NEMU

Name: NEMU

Clan: Koka

Ninjutsu: Colorful Realm of Living Beings

Weapon: Painting Brush

​ Birthday: February 3rd

Setting: She is a free-spirited Shinobi and the big sister of Ichiya. She paints while traveling around Koga village. Her trusted parters’ names are Piyochi & Usabi.

027  Karura

Name: Karura

Clan: Iga

Ninjutsu: Raiton

Weapon: Wings

​Birthday: September 6th

Setting: Living deep in the Iga’s mountain, she quietly protects her clan.

028  Xiaolan

Name: Xiaolan (& Lee Lee)

Clan: Koka

Ninjutsu: Kuchiyose

Weapon: Tai Chi

​Birthday: October 28th

Setting: Her specialty is to summon panda bears. Her faithful partner is called LeeLee who can turn into a giant panda.

029  Aum

Name: Aum

Clan: Fuma

Ninjutsu: A Titan's Blow

Weapon: Club

​Birthday: May 9th

Setting: He is a cheeky Shinobi and the baby brother of Atoza. He turns into a titan when he is angry.

030  Konga

Name: Konga

Clan: Koka

Ninjutsu: Kagebunshin

Weapon: Bare Knuckle

​Birthday: September 24th

Setting: He is the trainer for Iga’s Kunoichi, the female Ninjas.

031  Shion

Name: Shion

Clan: Iga

Ninjutsu: Wild Thistle

Weapon: Iron Claw


Setting: She is a lonely Shinobi because she lost her parents to a devil’s attack. Anne is the only Shinobi whom she trusts.

032  Seori




Weapon:Wooden Mallet


Setting:Seori is named after Seoritsuhime. The partner's name is "Mitama".

033  Quon

名前:久遠 - Quon

クラン:雑賀 Saika

忍術:猫の目の選択 - A Cat's Eye Choice

武器:鬼火 - Onibi​



名前:孫市 Magoichi

クラン:雑賀 Saika

忍術:一発必中 - One-shot Sure-hit

武器:銃 - Pitsols​


035  Ibuki

名前:イブキ - Ibuki (&ヤーマ Yama)

クラン:風魔 Fuma

忍術:泰山府君祭 - Ritual of Taizan Fukun

武器:呪符 - Talisman Paper​


036  Oen

名前:おえん - oen

クラン:甲賀 Koka

忍術:糸脈 - Ito Myaku

武器:笈 - Japanese Portable Strage



These are basic settings, including each character's name, clan, Ninjutsu, weapon, birthday, and personality. Please check the guidelines for fan art and commercial use.

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