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CryptoNinja welcomes monetization through fan art.  Creative activities such as NFT sales of illustrations and avatars, manga, voxel art, and music production by creators thrive.

Four reasons why CryptoNinja is loved

1. Attractive characterization

Characters with unique personalities

CryptoNinja characters have names, personalities, weapons and ninjutsu they handle, and clans (villages). The characterization of everyone adds to the value of the NFT collection.

2. Creator-Friendly Guidelines

Flexible guidelines

As long as it does not detract from the worldview, no licensing fees are required for fan arts NFT, merchandising, animation, or game adaptations. The appeal of CryptoNinja is that anyone can use the characters.

3. Stories created by fans

Margin for creation

How the characters speak and act is left to the imagination of the fans. This margin for creativity has also attracted many creators.

4. Powerful community

DAO by creators

More than 100,000 people participate in the official NinjaDAO community. Various projects are underway, and the community can attract visitors to Metaverse events.

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