CNP Jobs

To make CNP more accessible

CNP Jobs is a CryptoNinja Partners (CNP) fan art collection that will go on sale on Sunday, July 17, 2022, at 9:00 a.m. JST.

CNP owners have access to the pre-sale mint (no application needed)

Release Date:17th July 2022 9am (JST)
Number of issues:11,111 pieces
Chain:Ethereum Chain(ERC721A)

The initial number of jobs: 47 (total number of elements: 80)

*CNP owners may mint up to 2 NFTs. However, the Whitelist ONLY GIVES YOU ACCESS to the pre-sale mint, which doesn’t guarantee the purchase.*Please note that the team has already taken a snapshot of the CNP owners’ wallets to identify eligibility

*Schedules, prices, and the number of items are subject to change without notice.

*For details, please refer to the FAQ.


Like the CNP, the four characters are "Leelee," the panda, "Mitama," the ghost, "Narukami," the hawk, and "Orochi," the white snake. This time, they have dressed up in many professions and tried new ninja duties. There is bound to be a CNP in the same job as you!

CNP characters


From Ujyuna
To every working person

In May 2022, I left my job after five years to dive into the world of Web3. I had made a decision to find an opportunity in this rapidly growing space and became an active member of Ninja DAO.


The DAO gave me a chance to communicate and work with members from different backgrounds. It made me realize that our lives depend on hardworking people in a variety of professions. My appreciation and respect for them started to grow…


The vision of CNP Jobs (CNPJ) is to create a community in both Web3 and real lives, giving the holders new opportunities to change the world.


In this collection, the characters are working in different jobs so you can find one that suits you. Using the NFT as your profile picture will connect you with other CNPJ holders with the same interests, which could give you a chance to start something new with them.


CNPJ is a collection for innovators and challengers. Together, we can change the world.


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Coming soon

Our Creative Founders.

CryptoNinja Partners (CNP) was released in May 2022 and sold 22,222 units.

"CNP Jobs" is a project launched by the creators of NinjaDAO as fan art.

Engineer active in NinjaDAO and marketer who led CNP to success are members of the project.

Lead designer

The one and only comedy NFT creator in Japan. He combines his artistic talent with an exceptional sense of humour.

Nickname: a wandering comedian of NinjaDAO.

Lead engineer

A talented engineer specializing in smart contracts. His hobbies are tool development and teaching others.

Nickname: a legendary programmer of NinjaDAO.

Marketing Advisor

The founder of CryptoNinja with over 700k followers on social media. His marketing skills are second to none.

Nickname: the marketing god of the NFT world.


To improve CNP more and more attractive

I’m Ikehaya, the founder of NinjaDAO, and also the marketing advisor of CNP Jobs (CNPJ).


Just like CNP, our successful generative collection, CNPJ is a project created by one of our DAO members.


Fan art has a strong culture in Japan and plays a key role in the growth of the CryptoNinja character brand.

In fact, CNP itself is a generative collection developed as fan art of CryptoNinja, so CNPJ is a “third-generation” collection.

NinjaDAO welcomes all independent projects from creators using our CryptoNinja characters.


CNPJ provides a new way to join and experience our NinjaDAO family, an exciting Web3 community.


What percentage will the management team own?

We are planning 25%. The method of sale and distribution of the management's holdings has not yet been decided. We will consider ways to make it more enjoyable for holders, such as utilizing it during character "job change events."


47 jobs at the time of release,Initial job list"please look at. Jobs that are not listed here will be added regularly in the future.

Orochi initial job list

  1. teacher

  2. バス運転手​​​​​_d04a07d8-9cd1-3239- 9149-20813d6c673b_​​

  3. soccer player

  4. basketball player

  5. podcaster

  6. singer

  7. doctor

  8. Postman

  9. field worker

  10. photographer

  11. calligrapher

  12. self-defense officer

  13. farmer

  14. guitarist

  15. fortune teller

  16. samurai

  17. Ninja

  18. DJs

  19. Kiyoshi

  20. naive

Narukami initial job list

  1. teacher

  2. karateka

  3. sushi chef

  4. painter

  5. soccer player

  6. blogger

  7. announcer

  8. singer

  9. office worker

  10. Firefighter

  11. bartender

  12. police officer

  13. Piyochi Appraiser

  14. Childminder

  15. field worker

  16. samurai

  17. Ninja

  18. astronaut

  19. ​ Kiyoshi

MitamaInitial job list

  1. teacher

  2. Homemaker

  3. bus driver

  4. karateka

  5. sushi chef

  6. painter

  7. soccer player

  8. web writer

  9. nurse

  10. Youtuber

  11. ​​singer

  12. researcher

  13. magician

  14. student

  15. maid

  16. samurai

  17. Ninja

  18. ​ Kiyoshi

  19. naive

​ LilyInitial job list

  1. teacher

  2. Homemaker

  3. bus driver

  4. karateka

  5. sushi chef

  6. painter

  7. soccer player

  8. snowboarder

  9. programmer

  10. blogger

  11. web writer

  12. Youtuber

  13. online secretary

  14. singer

  15. podcaster

  16. Mr. Okochi

  17. field worker

  18. Ninja

  19. Sedori

  20. SNS operation agency

  21. Metabarive MC

  22. ​ Kiyoshi


CNPJ Twitter Header 1

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