December 16, 2022, CryptoNinja to the circus.


Character IP “CryptoNinja” has expanded its field of activity to games and animation in one year since its launch. We have decided to hold a circus show with world-famous stage artists.

Some of the tickets will be issued as generative NFTs, and there are various ways to enjoy them online. Please pay attention to “CryptoNinja THE STAGE” where you can experience “NFT x stage” for the first time in Japan.


Performance overview

Performance date: Friday, December 16, 2022 from 13:00 (scheduled for about 2 hours)

Venue: Theater Fonte

Address: 5-4-13 Izumi Central Minami, Izumi Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture Inside the Yokohama City Izumi Ward Cultural Center

​Tickets go on sale on Saturday, October 1st.


super acrobat




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Cast & Staff

Performers appearing in "CryptoNinja THE STAGE", introduces the management staff.


CryptoNinja is an NFT collection from Japan.
Ninja DAO is its official community.

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Batur Tokyo

2-4-10 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
  KDX  Higashi Shinjuku Building 1F

30 seconds walk from Exit A1 of Higashi-Shinjuku Station on the Fukutoshin Line / Oedo Line

JR / Keio Line / Odakyu / Marunouchi Line / Toei Shinjuku Line "Shinjuku Station" 10 minutes walk from the east exit

8 minutes walk from the north exit of Seibu Shinjuku Station on the Seibu Shinjuku Line

9 minutes walk from Exit B9 of "Shinjuku Sanchome Station" on the Marunouchi Line / Fukutoshin Line / Toei Shinjuku Line


Supporting the operation of "CryptoNinja THE STAGE"Japan's largest NFT community "NinjaDAO”.

NFT's illustration production, programming, marketing, sales, design, etc. are handled by "Ninja", who is also a creator group.

president aki

NFT businessman. In July 2022, CryptoNinja will host the first large-scale real event “CryptoNinja Festival”.

In "CryptoNinja THE STAGE", I will be in charge of planning, directing and marketing.

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Founder of CryptoNinja

Crypto Ninja/Ninja DAOFounder. A business influencer with over 500,000 followers on social media.

I will be in charge of publicity and advertising for "CryptoNinja THE STAGE".

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Yosuke Ikeda

A performer who skillfully fuses juggling, pantomime, and magic, and is acclaimed all over the world for his novel ideas and precise composition.


The work "Hello Goodbye" released in 2012 spread around the world through video sites, and was invited to festivals in more than 20 countries. When he appeared in the world's most famous French entertainment show "Le plus grand cabaret du monde", he made the audience stand up at the end.

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A female magician with a poetic world view that is somewhat ephemeral and beautiful.

2022 Japan/Asia representatives and 2018 North America representatives of the Magic World Tournament FISM. He is a performer who has passed the certification of Heaven Artist in Tokyo.

He has performed in many overseas stages such as Hong Kong, Macau, and Thailand, and in recent years has performed at the Japanese Embassy in South Korea and a month-long tour of France.

In addition to the wonder of his magic tricks, he has attracted many audiences with his breathtaking poetic world view, and has expanded his activities to museums and important tangible cultural properties in various places.

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asterisk nova

<Takuya Kawahara>

Cirque du Soleil registered artist. A balancing performer with a strong body [3% body fat] and an extraordinary sense of balance. He specializes in one-handed handstands at high altitudes, and shows unique performances in the world, such as handstands and grappling techniques with stacked rolling balances.



Started gymnastics when she was in elementary school, became champion of Kyushu in middle school and high school, won national polity, won 3rd place in team at inter-high school, won 1st place in vault, and 2nd place in floor. Top athlete performer to have.

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Aki Ueno

Devil stick juggling specialist.

Devil Stick Juggling World Record Holder, 2018 Juggling World Tournament Finalist. Currently, as the president and CEO of the performer talent agency Sofairlo, he appears at regular parties where VIPs gather and on cruise ships.

The original act "Devil Tree Balance" has been invited to many parties due to its beauty, difficulty and originality.

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zhang sea ring

Acclaimed around the world for his diverse artistic performances [Chinese Acrobatic King] Participated in many overseas performances in America, Europe, South Korea, Australia, etc. In 2003, he became famous for appearing in a commercial for a major beverage company. At the 2017 Street Performance World Cup in Shizuoka, both the Japan Cup and the World Cup will be the first double champions in the history of the event. We will unfold splendid and dynamic acrobatic performances.

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