Crypto Ninja Party!

CryptoNinja Party(CNPT)は、「Play to Earn」のブロックチェーンゲーム。





Play and Earn!

CNPT is a game developed on "Palette", a block chain from Japan. The base currency is the PLT token.


You can earn these PLT tokens by purchasing NFT avatars and playing games.

Credit cards are also accepted!

NFT sales will also support credit card payments. Of course, it is also available on PLT.


The exchanges that handle PLT are Coincheck and OK Coin. You can send PLT from OK Coin to the Palette chain without a bridge.

Improved quality!

CNPT is a casual game park with various mini-games. Cooperative play and battle between users are also possible.

Details of the game will be announced in the future, but the quality will continue to evolve.

You can make games! ?

CNPT's slogan is "Create to Earn," and in the future we aim to be a platform where users can create their own games and content.

The appeal of CNPT is that there are ways to enjoy it other than as a player.


Please tell us about the development company

HashPort Co., Ltd.However, "HashGames", which was established as a blockchain game studio division, will be the developer. HashGames designs and develops games on Pallet Chain.3 titles scheduled to be released in Spring/Summer 2022doing.

Please tell us about your relationship with CryptoNinja

Crypto Ninjais an IP that anyone can freely use for commercial purposes. HashGames stands as a “user (company)” of CryptoNinja.

The founder of CryptoNinja also participates in this project as a supervisor.

When is the release date?

Scheduled for summer 2022 or later. Detail isCNPT official Twitter accountorOfficial Discord,CNPT official websitePlease check the information on

Do you have a whitelist (WL)?

We are planning to distribute. NinjaDAO's "Successors (Ambassadors)" will also carry out WL's Giveaway, so please wait for additional information.

Where can I find the white paper?

Please tell me about the PLT wallet

Click here for iOS version,Click here for Android versionYou can download from Frequently asked questions such as "I sent PLT from the exchange, but I can't confirm the receipt"official blogPlease refer to.