Xiaolan's partner character

Lee Lee

panda lily

Hayate's partner character


falcon narukami

Janome's partner character


Orochi the White Snake

Seori's partner character


Ghost Mitama


CryptoNinja Partners(CNP)とは

(Local government collaboration project)

Town revitalization even with zero budget.

This is a collaboration project that uses the NFT collection “CNP”, which is free for commercial use, and issues original NFTs of local governments.

Proceeds from the sale of NFTs will be returned to local governments after excluding expenses. It can be used for enhancement of tourism resources, enhancement of public relations, and advertisement for increasing recognition.

* Because it is in the planning stage, details are on the official community"NinjaDAO" DiscordorInquiry formPlease contact us.

Project from DAO

CNP is a project born from Japan's largest NFT community "NinjaDAO". More than 30,000 creators, engineers, marketers, entrepreneurs, etc. utilize their knowledge to build businesses in the three web domains.

IP that can be freely used for commercial purposes

CNP is a character that anyone can freely use for commercial purposes. There are guidelines, but no license fee. Since secondary creation is also free, it is possible to create characters in collaboration with tourism resources in each region.

Over 4400 holders

The total trading value of CNP exceeded 1,900 ETH (285 million yen / as of June 29). With over 4,400 holders, it is the largest generative NFT collection from Japan. It is characterized by being easy to approach people who are interested in NFT.

Can be created at no cost

NinjaDAO (and sales company) provides one-stop service from design to sales. It is possible to issue an original NFT with zero initial cost. In addition, the sales excluding expenses are returned to the local government. It can be used to strengthen tourism resources.

2,000 ETH

Merchandise total / about 300 million yen


Number of CNP holders


Number of NFTs issued

0.59 ETH

Floor price / about 90,000 yen


CryptoNinja in numbers

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Four characters appear "Leelee," the panda, "Mitama," the ghost, "Narukami," the hawk, and "Orochi," the white snake.

They seem to transform into various forms to carry out their missions...! Here are some of them.

CNP characters
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