CryptoNinja Partners

Toward a world where fans can also be partners

CryptoNinja Partners (CNP) is a 22,222-issue NFT collection starring CryptoNinja sub-characters.

Since its launch in May 2022, the total volume has reached 3,000 ETH, and the number of holders has surpassed 4,700.

In August, 2,222 pieces were reborn into a new character.

CNP is also planning to participate in a card game, release a smartphone app, and collaborate with local governments. Stay tuned!


Four characters appear "Leelee," the panda, "Mitama," the ghost, "Narukami," the hawk, and "Orochi," the white snake.

They seem to transform into various forms to carry out their missions...! Here are some of them.

CNP characters


Rather than short-term trading profits, we hope you could gain the unique experience of being a holder.

We focus on the "value" that comes from being part of a community.


The theme is to create a new relationship between characters, works, and fans.

We aim to create a world where fans can also become "partners."


CNP Concept


We will issue 22,222 one-of-a-kind Ninja NFTs.

Compared to CryptoNinja, more people can become holders of Ninja NFTs.


Rii2, the designer of CryptoNinja, will be in charge of the base design. It will be a legitimate spin-off from the creators of Ninja DAO.


Toward a world where fans can also be partners

Until now, when we found work or character we liked, we supported it as a "customer" or "consumer" by buying goods or attending events.

It's not that we are dissatisfied with that.

However, we are now beginning to feel the possibility of a new relationship in the big Web3 trend, where we can participate and contribute to our favorite works and characters.

This NFT "CryptoNinja Partners" is for those who believe in the possibility of building new relationships between works/characters and fans.

With CryptoNinja, a character with a flexible rights structure, we will take on the challenge of creating a new relationship between works/characters and fans and make a success story.

We hope to provide an opportunity to think about new relationships between various works/characters and fans around the world.

If you are even a little bit interested in this project, please have an NFT "CryptoNinja Partners" and become one of us.

And please use your "CryptoNinja Partners" as a profile picture on your SNS.

Just by doing so, you can create an opportunity for the world to think about a new relationship between fans and the works/characters.

Let's change the world together!


CNP is not an NFT for speculative purposes.

It is a "membership card" to enjoy all the value generated by NinjaDAO, an active community of over 40,000 people. 

CNP aims to be your partner in enriching your life.

What CryptoNinja Partners Aim for


Increase the value

CNP features an issuance volume of 22,222 items, more than twice the volume of popular NFT collections globally.

We will leverage this scale to establish a CNP economic zone and increase the value of "owning a CNP" itself.


New Experiences

Owning a CNP gives you priority access to NinjaDAO projects and events. You will also be the first owner of any new NFTs planned by CNP in the future.


Deeper Experiences

We want you to feel the enjoyment of being an owner, not just participating. Owning a CNP allows you to commit more to the CNP project and NinjaDAO's events.

Q2 2022

CNP Launch
Launch Commemorative Metaverse Live
Treasure hunt event
Owners votes to determine how to use the proceeds 
Custom-made crafting service for owned CNP avatars
CNP Owner Exclusive Metaverse Event

Q3 2022

Background synthesis site opened
New character NFT

CNP Owner Exclusive Metaverse Music Fest

Q4 2022 ~

Voxel NFT project Airdrop

Theme park on the metaverse

CNP chakra token airdrop

CNP NFT card battle

Collaboration with Real facilities

Building a new IP business model

Support for other IPs


Here are some of the plans we have in mind.

Please note that the Web3 world is rapidly evolving, and we cannot promise you that it will realize all of them.

Plans in Concept

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have a road map?

A: Please refer to our official website .

Q: What are the utilities of CNP?

A: We are planning to introduce many exciting utilities to the CNP owners. Examples of current ideas are:

・Makimono (Ninja scroll) airdrops

・Introduction of various backgrounds; This allows you to change your CNP backgrounds into different themes, such as cherry blossom petals or waves.

・CNP exchange mechanism; You can burn your current CNP  into a completely new NFT.

As more utilities are added, the original CNP could evolve and change. Therefore, the rarity of each CNP will not influence its value in the long run. We hope you purchase CNP based on your art preference!

 We will keep you updated on the utility plan in our discord community.

Q: How about the rarity of the characters?

A: The appearance rate does not affect the value of each NFT. For more details, please refer to the previous question.

Q: How much was the mint price?

A: It was 0.001ETH.

Q: I missed the mint. Can I still buy CNP?

A: Please check the listings on OpenSea .

Q: Who are the partners in CNP and what do you mean by ‘transformation’?

A: They are the partners of the CryptoNinja characters. For example, Orochi is the faithful partner of Janome (#022 Ninja). CNP characters transform into different forms to carry out the ninja's missions.

Q: Why is the royalty set at 10%?

A: Please note that the CNP mint price was set at 0.001ETH, much more reasonable compared to other similar projects in the market. The majority of the royalty income will be spent on future projects, such as additions of CNP utilities and the development of the CryptoNinja brand to create a truly global IP business.


In order to achieve our long-term goal, we have decided to set the CNP royalty at 10% for now. We strongly believe that this will help enhance the value of CNP in the future.


We will look into adjusting the royalty level based on the development of CNP and its trade volume in the future.

赤いギフト ボックス


Coming soon

Coming soon

3D Avatars

Coming soon


CryptoNinja Partners' official sales page

Praise for Creators of CNPs

CNP Item Collection



CNP is the product of a team of "NinjaDAO" creators. Therefore, we have created a new collection, "CNP Parts Collection (praise for creators)," to introduce the names of all creators and their works.

All sales from this collection will pay the creators. We hope you will understand and participate in this project as a fan item allowing you to support the creators directly, not as a general NFT Investment.

*If the offer price is the same, priority will be given to those who have already purchased the weapon and accessory parts.

*Offers are accepted from 0.022 ETH and up. Date to accept offer TBD.

Collection to support creators


CNP's Guidelines for Secondary Productions

Xiaolan's partner character

Lee Lee

panda lily

Hayate's partner character


falcon narukami

Janome's partner character


Orochi the White Snake

Seori's partner character


Ghost Mitama