September 18th (Sun) to 20th (Tue), 2022

18th (Sun) 15:00

Ninja Terakoya Tatami Race

19th (Mon) 15:00

crypto ninja picture book
Twitter space

19th (Mon) 16:30

Akeji ninjart drawing live

19th (Mon) 18:30

19th (Mon) 23:00

metaba team space
Twitter space

20th (Tue)

Crypto NinjaSolanas
Mint site information on NinjaDAO Discord "Generatybu"

20th (Tue) 11:00

A conversation between sushi chefs and rice cakes
Twitter space

20th (Tue) 17:00

Paris Engineer Keisuke Presents  Free Mint Festival Part 1
Twitter space(17:15-Mint start)

20th (Tue) 20:00

Ikehaya x Rii2 special talk show
Twitter space

20th (Tue) 21:00

Paris Engineer Keisuke Presents Free Mint Festival Part 2
Twitter space(twenty one:15~Mint start)

20th (Tue)

Philippines good cousin come once seminar
CNPP Voicha

19-20 days
​all day

Find CNP Treasure Island VLCNP

1st anniversary

“CryptoNinja” celebrates its first anniversary on September 20th.

To commemorate this, we will hold a three-day event from September 18th (Sun) to 20th (Tue), 2022.