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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have a road map?

A: Please refer to our official website.

Q: What are the utilities of CNP?

A: We are planning to introduce many exciting utilities to the CNP owners. Examples of current ideas are:

・Makimono (Ninja scroll) airdrops

・Introduction of various backgrounds; This allows you to change your CNP backgrounds into different themes, such as cherry blossom petals or waves.

・CNP exchange mechanism; You can burn your current CNP  into a completely new NFT.

As more utilities are added, the original CNP could evolve and change. Therefore, the rarity of each CNP will not influence its value in the long run. We hope you purchase CNP based on your art preference!

 We will keep you updated on the utility plan in our discord community.

Q: How about the rarity of the characters?

A: The appearance rate does not affect the value of each NFT. For more details, please refer to the previous question.

Q: How much was the mint price?

A: It was 0.001ETH.

Q: I missed the mint. Can I still buy CNP?

A: Please check the listings on OpenSea.

Q: Who are the partners in CNP and what do you mean by ‘transformation’?

A: They are the partners of the CryptoNinja characters. For example, Orochi is the faithful partner of Janome (#022 Ninja). CNP characters transform into different forms to carry out the ninja's missions.

Q: Why is the royalty set at 10%?

A: Please note that the CNP mint price was set at 0.001ETH, much more reasonable compared to other similar projects in the market. The majority of the royalty income will be spent on future projects, such as additions of CNP utilities and the development of the CryptoNinja brand to create a truly global IP business.


In order to achieve our long-term goal, we have decided to set the CNP royalty at 10% for now. We strongly believe that this will help enhance the value of CNP in the future.


We will look into adjusting the royalty level based on the development of CNP and its trade volume in the future.

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